Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

NSSB is to ensure the safety and health activities run by our employees and customers, while protecting the environment. Moreover, we focus our emphasis on management and implementation program of Safety and Health at Work for everyone to ensure the implementation of appropriate procedures and standards practices.


Safety, health and environment is a part of every leader’s daily routine We’ll promote good leadership through communicating expectations and responsibilities clearly, and by listening to feedback that supports continuous improvement. We recognize, reward and encourage everyone to make a positive contribution when it comes to enhancing health and safety at work.


Everyone has the skills to do their job in a safe and healthy way We’ll provide training and instructions so everyone is able to understand the health and safety risks within their working environment that could affect them. We’ll make sure that everyone has the appropriate skills to carry out the job safely.

Health and Environment

Health and environment are essential to making Neural a better place to work. We’ll make sure standards which protect everyone from short-term and long-term occupational health conditions are in place and regularly reviewed. We’ll provide everyone with key information which will help achieve our vision of zero harm and enable those who work for us to make lifestyle choices that can lead to long-term health benefits.

Safe Workplace

It’s important to ensure we all have a safe and healthy place to work, whether in an office, on a site or elsewhere in the business. We’ll create safe working conditions by ensuring our health and safety standards are met and risks are mitigated and controlled, both across our sites and office-based activities. We’ll provide the right equipment and facilities, as well as supporting health and safety documentation through each phase of our work activities.