Explosion Proof Product and Services

We are experienced in providing electrical solutions with emphasis on explosion proof electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas in the oil and gas industries, as well as heavy industries and commercial projects, from energy plants and hydroelectric dam to shipping malls, seaports and airports. Products include cables (power, control and instrument), fire resistant cables, flame retardant cables, neoprene cables, cable ladders/trays (HDG or SS 316), EEX’e’ and EEX’d’ junction boxes, EX-LED lighting, EX-lghtings, EX-enclosure, EX-remote control Unit (RCU), EX-plugs & sockets, EX-cable glands, EX-reducers, EX-adaptors and many others. Our range of products also cover unistrut, C-channels, angle irons, lighting poles, earthing and lightning protection materials, cable ties (SS316), industrial plugs and sockets, industrial cable glands, distribution board and others.