Electro Fence System / Fencing

The non-lethal Electro-fence™ security system was developed to greatly enhance the physical perimeter fence by improving security at minimal cost. This system falls into the medium to highlevel security bracket including all the basic elements of a quality security system. The highly visible physical presence of the Electro-fence™, its warning signs and the visual effect of the insulators along the fence, all combine to promote a very strong psychological deterrent in preventing unwanted intrusion. Should an attempt be made to breach the ElectroFence system the intruder would receive a nasty, but non-lethal, shock. The Electro-fence™ is capable of detecting different types of attacks. Cutting, climbing, and shorting out of the wires. The number of shocks emitted is monitored and after a pre-determined number reached, an alarm is given. The casual trespasser will be dissuaded by the psychological deterrent, if not the actual shock of the system. However, the determined intruder will have to overcome the actual wires of the system and this is easily detected.