multiviewMultiview™ was developed as part of our R&D program in answer to a remote monitoring problem encountered by one of our clients. It is virtual network computer system (LAN or WAN) which allows data to be encrypted and offers a secure logon – ideal for use where a monitoring of a site needs to be done remotely from one single location. Using the Internet you can control multiple, remote sites worldwide and in so doing increase security management efficiency and reduce manpower costs.

Multiview™ works in conjunction with our Multisys™ Security Management System and is currently being offered to clients where security management involves remote monitoring.

Alarm Control
Alarms from any remote site are automatically routed through to Multiview™ to alert the operator to view the site. To view the site the operator selects the site from the site list and then clicks the view button. The operator then has full control of the remote site.


Remote Monitoring & Control
To enable monitoring of a remote site you enter the site IP address and password into Multisys™.