multisys_mainMultisys™ Security is our unique modular PC base Security Management System. It uses a common communication protocol to integrate and control the APS Electro-Fence controllers, Flexiguard analysers and other alarm devices.

This integration allows the system designer the flexibility to construct many different perimeter intrusion detection systems with multiple network configurations.

The system is controlled using programmable icons the GUI making the system extremly easy to program and operate.

All alarms are displayed on maps showing the operator exactly where on the sites the alarm has occured. CCTV dome cameras withMultisys 2 Pelco presets can be activated from an event. The camera(s) will automatically move to the preset position enabling the operators to see the zone from many angles.


Electro-Fence Control

The new Pulsar dual zone Electro-Fence Controller can be controlled by the Multisys™ system using RS485 communication. Individual zones can be switched on or off, pulse count varied and voltage level set at the click of the mouse.The fence voltage on each zone can be displayed and monitored on screen in real time.

Flexiguard Control

The Flexiguard High Security analyser can be controlled by the Multisys™ system using RS485 communication. Each zone can be individually controlled. The cut and climb detection sensitivity and characteristics are set using the on-screen menu.The status of each zone can be viewed on screen allowing the operator to ensure that the system is operating to its optimum level.

Alarm Control Module

Up to 2032 alarms can be connected into the system. Alarm control Modules each with 8 programmable inputs and 8 programmable outputs can be addressed.