Perimeter Security

Perimeter fencing represents the first obstacle encountered by an intruder whether he is a vandal, professional thief or highly trained terrorist. His primary objective is to get over or through the fence. Flexiguard™ is designed specifically to protect all types of perimeter fencing from attack by cutting and climbing. Flexiguard™ is currently protecting Airports, Prisons Military bases, Ancient Monuments and numerous commercial and industrial sites worldwide.


Advanced Sensor Cable


The system uses the high specification Flexiguard™ Sensor Cable, which is extremely sensitive and accurate in its sensing of fence activity. The Flexiguard™ Sensor Cable is of advanced design having a superior solid state construction. It has no moving parts, a big advantage in extreme weather conditions. The sensor cable is quick Flexiguard_3and simple to install using ultra violet resistant cable ties to secure it to the fence. For added mechanical protection it is available in a Roundlock Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit.


Flexiguard Analyser

Flexiguard_4The highly specified Flexiguard™ Analyser receives the signals generated by the sensor cable and digitally processes them to determine the nature of the attack. All the detection parameters are adjustable for optimum performance. The High Security Analyser has separate controls for adjusting the detection criteria for cutting and climbing.Flexiguard_5

The Flexiguard™ Analyser also has built in test facilities to enable the engineer to quickly and accurately install the system. This is a major benefit as it saves both time and money.




FLXIGUARDThe Flexiguard™ System

The perimeter to be protected can be divided into zones so that the intruders’ location can be identified. Each zone can be from 10m up to 200m long. Zone lengths will depend on whether CCTV cameras are being used to survey the perimeter in which case the zones will be designed to correspond with the field of view of the camera. One Flexiguard™ sensor cable will protect a fence up to a height of 3m. Fences higher than 3m will require two runs of cable, one near the bottom of the fence and one near the top.

Single zone or dual zone analysers are installed around the perimeter and connected back to the control room using twisted pair telephone cable, fibre optic cable or RS485 data cable when using the Flexiguard Multisys® Analyser with the Multisys® Security Management System.


Flexiguard Multisys® Networked System Flexiguard_7

The Flexiguard Multisys® system has inbuilt RS485 data communication. The analysers are linked back to the control room on an RS485 data bus which is connected to a PC running the Multisys® Security Management System. Alarms are shown on a map of the site and all zones can be controlled from the PC. The system is very versatile and can be configured to suit the clients’ exact requirements.


Sensor Cable Monitoring

The sensor cable is monitored for tampering by terminating the cable in an end of line termination box. The end of line resistor is constantly monitored by the analyser and will generate an alarm if an intruder tries to bypass the cable.


Automatic Environmental Control

All analysers have an Automatic Environmental Control which is used to automatically adjust the analyser setting during bad weather conditions. It does this by sensing the signals which are generated in the fence due to wind and rain and adjusts the analyser for optimum performance without compromising detection.


Audio Listen In

An alarm can be verified by using the listen in option. This allows the operator to hear the fence and determine the nature of the alarm.


Analyser Specifications

For full details of each analyser type, please see the analyser data sheet.