Microwave 1General:

Microwave barriers are one of the most reliable and safe intrusion detectors used for outdoor perimeter protection.

The transmitter generates microwave beam creating an invisible but sensitive protection zone.

When the receiver detects a difference within its protection zone it begins a detailed analysis of the received signal and if the detection criteria is met will trigger an alarm.


Features:Microwave 2

  •  Automatic range adjustment
  • Multi-level sensitivity adjustment
  • Microwave sensitivity unaffected byheavy fog, rain, snow
  • Designed for easy and quickinstallation
  • High RFI and EMI immunity



Microwave frequency 9.5/10.525GHz
Modulating frequency 1.0kHz, 1.28kHz, and 1.324kHz
Max transmission frequency 35mW (normal condition)
Max length of protection zone 200m
Max width of protection zone 3m
Max height of protection zone 4.5m
Power supply 12 to 25V DC
Current consumption 95mA, 12V DC (one pair)
Alarm relay NO/NC, 28V DC, maximum 0.1A
Alarm time Maximum 3s
Tamper switch NC, 28V DC, maximum 0.1A
Response speed 0.1m – 10m/s
Ground unevenness limit 0.3m
Max height of grass 0.3m
Max depth of snow 0.5m
Operating temperature -40 to + 65 degrees C
IP rating IP65
Dimension 158 x 113 x 46mm
Weight 2.5kg (transmitter, receiver, and accessories)