Intruder Deterrent and Detection

Electro-Fence™ is a powerful intruder deterrent, which can be attached toan existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence.The obvious physical presence of the fence and bright yellow warningsigns are visually off-putting to any potential intruder and present a potentfront-line deterrent.Any attempt to cut or climb the Electro-Fence™ is met by a non-lethal but very unpleasant shock and attempts to shor t circuit, reduce the voltage orbreach the fence in any way generates an immediate alarm.

Electro-Fence_2Latest Technology and Safety

High tensile wires, spaced at a distance of 95mm apart, carry a high voltagepulse down alternate wires every second. The wires alternate between liveand earth and to ensure absolute security, a controller continuously monitorsElectro-Fence™ for different types of attack generating an alarm when preprogrammedconditions are met.Electric fence controllers have an impeccable safety record. The highvoltage pulse is less than one thousandth of a second in duration.


Key Features

• Visual & physical deterrent to intruder

• Shock, voltage & short circuit monitoring

• Cut & Climb monitoring

• Controller continuous monitoring

• Interfaces with standard security equipment

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Ultimate security and easy to operate

The Electro-Fence™ system can be broken down into zones so thatthe controller immediately recognises the attempted entry location.The Electro-Fence™ readily integrates and interfaces with standardsecurity equipment.In the event of power failure, uninterrupted power is supplied by a battery back-up system.


Electro-Fence™ Controls

Available in single or dual zone controllers, which are fencemountable. There is no requirement for H.T. lead-cut cable ducts.A six zone controller is available for larger installations.



No. of Zones                  1, 2, or 6 Zone Controller

Fence Output Voltage      10 KV

Output Power                 2.5 J

Alarm Voltage                2, 3 or 4 KV Selectable

Pulse Count                   2, 3 or 4 Missing Pulses Selectable

Indicators per Zone        Alarm LED, Fence Monitor LED

Control Input                 12V up to isolated

Alarm Output                 Normally closed dr y contact

Power Requirements       24V DC or 110/230VAC

Enclosure                      External IP56

Size                              500 x 400 x 150mm