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XID SmartlD is a state of the art biometric solution device for face recognition based access control, powered by award winning face synthesis technologies from XID Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore. Card only access, Card & Face access

The highly flexible architecture allows for a centralized database, remote synchronization , user administration, verification monitoring and event viewing from clients specifically designed for these purposes.

Proven Solutions

Our solutions have been proven in very harsh environments such as construction sites and dormitories for more than 40,000 foreign construction workers. With this we are able to cater to industrial equipment especially in very sensitive areas (power plants, prison, defense installations).

About XID Technologies

XID Technologies is a pioneer that is noted for its facial synthesis technology which detects, recognizes and synthesizes the human face. XID Technologies has developed and commercialized leading-edge face recognition, face synfhesas and face replacement products.

7CLD’s facial synthesis and recognition technologies are utilized for security applications including access control for devices such as PCs, web cams, as well as physical access/door control, The company’s patented approach to facial recognition using 3D facial synthesis is the only face recognition solution in the world that is able to function in outdoor, unconfroled, real world environments.



  •  Suitable for large projects and high traffic
  • Highly customized for integration with legacy systems (HR, databases, access controllers, readers, alarms, turnstiles… etc
  • Simple and easy to use by anyone
  • Fast and high authentication accuracy rate (<3 seconds)
  • Reliable hardware/software
  • Ruggedized casing
  • lime and Attendance feature
  • Stores photos as entry records



The Smart ID is a highly customizable system that caters for mid to large sized industries. Training and support will be provided. Please contact our sales representatives for more information.



Host System Software Component Description


Face Verification module Application for facial verification and door control
Time and attendance output Direct output of each access to external systems by file exchange or serial output
User administration module Windows application to administer users and perform facial registration
Event viewer/reporting module Windows application to provide access to controller events and perform reports
Face Verification Monitoring module Windows application to monitor the current face recognition activity on the controller with video, face detection andverification results in real time



Module Type Feature Description

Face Verification

Card driven face recognition Face verification based on serial number card reading or keypad input
Security Profile management Administrator can define different security level groups based on time of day, day of week, access point
Time and attendance output Direct output of each access to external systems by file exchange or serial output

User Admin

Administration of users Search, browse, edit , delete, add user details
Administration of user photos Add user faces through connection to controller video
Backup, Recovery facility Ability to backup and restore the entire staff details, photos and features to zip file
Import Facility Ability to initialize the staff details from a text input file, comma delimited

Face Verification


Display of live Video Display of live video on 4 wall mounts
Display of face recognition results Display of current face recognition results
Remote opening of door Action to remotely open the controller door

Event Viewer


Browsing through events Search, browse, events.
Search criteria Multiple search criteria per person, card number, access result, score
Sort criteria Ability to sort results by time, person,…
Reports Multiple reports including time in/out reports available
Report export Export of report contents to PDF, Excel, Text
Customizable report Ability to configure and add a custom report selecting source (staff details, events), sorting and search criteria andfields in tabular form