Door Access Monitoring & Time Management System

  • As a person’s fingerprint is unique, Neural e-JARI® emphasis on fingerprint verification ensure  only authorized user gain access and puts a stop to the wrongful use of access cards and dentification numbers (PINs).
  • Neural e-JARI® analyzes & compares a person’s fingerprint against the previously enrolled record. If the two fingerprints match, the person is authenticated. And if the time is within the authorized period for entry, thedevice will signal & release the electric door lock.
  •  Networking Neural e-JARI® to a centralized data management system provides commercial business, institutions and other establishments with an effective system for checking, controlling and recording the presence and movement of people in the building.
  • When configured as a Time Management System, a user can specify whether he/she is clocking-in or clocking-out. By using fingerprints to determine identity, buddy-punching problems can be totally eliminated as well as other fraud.
  • Attendance of each employee is printed on the attendance report. The attendance report is particularly useful for payroll purposes. Wages and salaries can be paid according to the employee’s worked hours.


Integrated With SmartCard Solution

  • Neural e-JARI® integrated with SmartCard is the latest application of the e-Jari® and Smart card. User can enjoy to use either smartcard or e-Jari toaccess the door or for time attendances. This system can be applied for the office usage whereby e-Jari® is for the staff purpose and cards for the visitors.
  •  This model application system have standalone and networking on time attendance TCP/IP communication protocol. All access to door in/out are recorded with realtimeonline .


Guard Patrol System

  • Neural Guard Patrol System (GPS) is the latest technology for computerized guard tracking and monitoring system. The Neural GPS had designed using Neural e- Jari – biometric fingerprint verification system and Graphic User Interface (GUI) by Neural and SIRIM R&D team.
  •  The Neural GPS needs the present guard team to verified his finger at the e-Jari® station or checkpoint at any given timed as according schedule. Failure to verify the system will generate some pop up message and alarm at the console.




  1.  Fully developed and manufactured locally in Malaysia.
  2. First Malaysian biometric product with Malaysian Common Criteria (MyCC) Certification, certified by Cyber Security Malaysia.
  3. 24/7 and 365 days of customer service.
  4. Effective and efficient technical support.
  5. Ready stock as well as availability of repairing and upgrading components.
  6. The product can be customized in certain logic criteria.





Neural TSS Brochure - 1

Replaces existing ‘punch card system’ to control and monitor staff attendance and avoid ‘buddy punching’ using fingerprints technology to verify attendance.

Connects via LAN/WAN to record details of staff attendance and generates computerized report. The report is useful for staff supervising and payroll purposes.



  • Reduces inconsistencies and errors by manual time tracking
  • Improves efficiency of the disciplinary staff in term of productivity
  • Eliminates inflated labor hours and buddy punching
  • Eliminates the chances of employee to misplace pass/card



Neural TSS Brochure - 2

Controls door access electronically.

Only authorized persons who have their fingerprint enrolled and stored in the system will have access to specific/restricted room or area.

The real time system records access activities and generates door access report.



  • Controls the door access
  • Monitors staff / visitor movement
  • Enhances security by restricting access area
  • Eliminates problems caused by lost IDs or forgotten passwords and replace hard-to-remember passwords which may be shared or observed.